Mountain Flying Clinic

The main items to consider before flying in the mountains are the following: Airplane selection. Route selection. Altitude selection. Emergency equipment. Aircraft loading. Weather considerations and personal minimums for the mountains. High altitude (Density Altitude) pre-takeoff procedures. High altitude (Density … Continued

Scans Clinic

Three scan techniques to get you started: Straight and Level The first technique you need is to maintain straight and level flight. To do this use a V scan. This will entail moving your eyes as shown above. If the … Continued

Touchdown Clinic

A good landing in a tricycle gear airplane such as the Cessna 152 is one where you touchdown at the desired point on the runway with the main wheels first, exactly on the center line, with the longitudinal axis of … Continued

Communication Clinic

Departure from airport in Class C airspace with tower in operation. Class C arrival Touch and Go landings at airport with tower in operation. Touch and Go landings at airport without tower in operation Opening Flight Plan Flight Following Closing … Continued

Test Preparation

Preparation for your practical test and an introduction to the skills needed to recover from unusual flight attitudes.

Cross Country Flight

Make a cross country flight using dead reckoning and pilotage, open and close flight plans, request flight following, plus no-tower communications.

Flight Planning

Flight planning techniques used for cross-country flight, plus how to obtain weather information from a flight service station or using DUAT.