FirstFlight is a virtual flight school providing online flying lessons and information about private pilot training. FirstFlight online lessons are very effective and a great first step towards becoming a pilot.

FirstFlight shows you how to learn to fly and develop the skills you need to become a private pilot with practical, task specific instruction. FirstFlight online lessons fully prepare you to take to the skies with a local flight instructor. FirstFlight is about real flight skills, it is not specifically designed to prepare you for the FAA written test.

Trevor J. Saxty is an FAA certificated flight instructor and holder of a commercial pilots certificate with single, multi-engine and instrument ratings. He holds a gold seal flight instructor certificate with single, multi-engine and instrument ratings and a ground instructor certificate with advanced and instrument ratings and has provided flight training to many pilots in the San Francisco Bay area.

FirstFlight provides a more interactive learning experience than books and videos and is a good first step in learning to fly. The flight lesson based format provides complete “how to” instruction that will guide you from your FirstFlight all the way to your private pilot check ride.

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FirstFlight would like acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Jon Eberly and Jack Thomas. As technical lead, Jon Eberly created the multimedia and content management framework for the FirstFlight educational system. He has been creating web-based tools for fortune 500 companies, non-profits and innovative small businesses in San Francisco since 1997. He is a private pilot. Jack Thomas applied his editorial skills to the text and when not flying small planes he’s a writer and editor of technical articles, biographies, and speeches for notables who have included Jimmy Carter.